My experience at the 29th National Women’s Meeting in Argentina

This year, I participated for the first time in an event called Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres (National Women’s Meeting) during its 29th edition, in the city of Salta.

The National Women’s Meeting takes place annually in Argentina since 1986. It is an ​​autonomous, self-organized, democratic, pluralistic, self-funded, federal and horizontal meeting.

It is held in a different city every year, the new location is chosen democratically in the final assembly of each meeting.


With the intent to enrich the debate around the organization of women with focus in Argentina, I’m sharing my experience of participating for the first time in the Encuentro and, from my subjective point of view, my personal and political reflections.

While I’m writing this series of articles, I am also reading the book “Mujeres que se encuentran” (can be translated both as “Women who find themselves” and “Women who find each other”), a historical review of the National Women’s Meetings, by Amanda Alma and Paula Lorenzo. The book is available for downloading in Spanish at this link.

Here is a provisional index, which I will complete with titles and links as I publish the articles.

  1. ¿What is the Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres?
  2. My road to the Encuentro
  3. Women, Power and Politics

Read this post in Spanish

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