About “men” and “women”

The question behind everything I’m writing on this blog could be summarized as:

What is a man, and what is a woman?

However, I’m asking it from a suspicious point of view, from the certainty that there’s a trap in there, from the destruction of the artificial to give way to something more authentic.

Now, even though in some people’s heads “man” and “woman” are fictional (o rather, “performative”) , we still live in a world full of people who identify as “men” and “women”.

So, we have men and women on one hand, individuals who considered themselves defined within the cassification of “man” and “woman”.

And on the other hand, we have the classification itself, “man” and “woman” as abstract categories, without reference to any particular individual.

To prevent my blog from becoming a quotation-mark orgy, I simply decided to use the terms men and women, no quotations, as an indistinct reference to both people and categories.

It might be a little confusing at first, but I will also be dedicating time to write about this disastrous binary and why I want it out of my existence.

So I trust it will become less complicated with time.


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