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Today is not just Women’s Day

Today is not just Women’s Day,
It’s not a day for flowers or presents
or to go “what about teh menz?”

No. I’ll tell you what day is today.

Today is the day to think about ourselves,
and how we treat women every day,
how we talk to them, how we talk about them,
what space we give them in our personal world.


Image from The Prisma

Today is the day to think, above all,
of those women we like the least,
who choose what we wouldn’t choose for them,
who were born to a disgraceful life,
and the respect we owe to them all.

Today is bad women’s day.
Today is whores and lesbian women’s day,
fat and ugly and poor women’s day,
old women and jailed women’s day.

Today is screaming women’s day,
crying women’s day
and silenced women’s day.

Today is battered women’s day,
the day of kidnapped and tortured women
of women raped by their own husbands.
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