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The Monster Woman

I find it very annoying when someone refers to all women using the singular form “a woman”, a very common use in Spanish.

We say “Woman’s day” instead of “Women’s day”. It’s also very common to hear “Woman is…” when someone is preaching about what women are, or what they’re supposed to be. This last example is usually followed by horrendous compilations of stereotypes.

The problem of using the singular form is that instead of thinking about millions and millions of unique human beings, we end up thinking of one single, specific, ubiquitous woman. We think of an “Ideal Woman”.

And what kind of Ideal Woman have we been taught in this Hell of a world?

A monstrous one.

Monster Woman

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A daily personal struggle

All my life, until very recently, I identified as a woman.

It’s wasn’t hard to notice I lived in a world in which being a woman means oppression and segregation. A bit more complicated to learn was how to see it in small everyday events.

And many of those daily occurrences become invisible to us because we watch them through the gender lens, but we rarely question the very lens we’re using to watch.

But the crystal of gender is cracked since decades ago. “Man” and “Woman” categories have been discovered as limits imposed to freedom.

The freedom to decide by ourselves what and who we are.


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